9 things to know before moving to Canada .

 ðŸ˜ Thinking about taking a trip to Canada in the near future? or to permanent resident there ? 

Canada might share a border with the USA but in many ways , however, Canada is very different from its neighbor. So, before you plan your trip to Canada there are a few things you should know.

9 things to know before moving to Canada :

     1- Weather   ðŸ˜Š 

Canada is a cold country . Actually it is too cold sometimes , in city like WINNIPEG the temperature goes down to -40 degree . However , there are sometimes when Canada gets very hot , the same city “WINNIPEG” gets too hot in summer  , its temperature goes up to +40 degree .

        2- Languages     🤠  

Canada has two official languages which are English and French . However in big cities that have big companies and banks , they have a sign that shows that they have people who speak different languages such as  Arabic , hindi , chinese …ect . Which indicates that Canada accepts all kind of people with different language and race .

       3-Friendliness  ❤️ 

Are Canadians friendly people ?

 Canadians are so helpful people .They offer help for anyone as strangers at street , if you lost , they show you the right direction , if there is a fire in a place the help to  put it out .However , in big cities as Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver where people always in  a hurry, you will face some people who don’t care or don’t have time to help  .

       4-Racism  😏 

Despite Canada is multicultural and warm welcoming country  for all kind of people , you will meet some Racist people who of course don’t reflect the majority of Canadians .

       5-Multiculturalism  🤗 

Canada is very multi-cultural place . you can get a least one person from every county all over the world there .

       6-Food  🍕  🍔 

Since Canada is multi-cultural place , you can get all kind of food there  . you can find food from different culture such Spain , Arabic countries , Korea , French …ect . You will get an awesome food thanks for its diversity and multi-cultural .

      7- pay too much  🤑 

Canadians pay too much on things like cell phones and beers . Canadians love their wireless phones and they pay too much bills for that monthly . the cell phone bills could reach to $80-100  monthly . And they have very high alcohol costs as well .

       8- Outdoorsy 🌹  🍸  🍺 

Generally Canadians like to do most of their activities outdoor  .They like to spend time out to practice activities  such as Hiking, kayaking, surfing, rafting, scuba diving horse-riding, dog-sledding, horse-riding …ect

        9-Public transit  🙄 

Public transit in Canada isn’t that good. Since Canada is a country that has a lot of people and visitors from all over the world and its people love cars , there is annoying traffic ,so there is a need for better trains and buses .

I hope the above were useful things to know before traveling to Canada. I hope you enjoy your time in Canada and get to see as much as you can of this large and beautiful country!

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